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Benefits of Industrial Spray Booths

For those who are often engaging in industrial painting, one important thing they must have is an industrial spray booth.These industries that apply the industrial spray booths for industrial painting may vary from composite materials, metal working, woodworking, to powder coating among many others.

It is important to note that an industrial spray booth is mainly comprised of four major parts.These main parts making up an industrial spray booth are accessories, air make-up, intake, and exhaust and working chamber.Take note that the entire spraying process takes place in the working chamber.It is in the exhaust chamber that any unwanted air in the working chamber is gotten rid of.The intake does the opposite of the exhaust chamber.

The air make-up system is responsible for taking in conditioned air into the industrial spray booth.Finally, the accessories in industrial spray booths may include lights, motor controls, and exhaust ducts.

There exists many kinds of industrial spray booths.The differentiation of these industrial spray booths is based on three characteristics, namely airflow design, cabin style, and the type of air pressure.

When shopping for an industrial spray booth, you will find a cross flow, full downdraft, semi-down draft, and side-draft industrial spray booths.In the cross-draft spray booths, air is passed across the bodies being painted.The semi-downdraft spray booth works the same way as the cross-draft one only that the incoming air enters the spray booth through a small hole in the ceiling of the booth. In the side-draft spray booths, the air is passed via a ceiling and taken out of the spray booth through side walls.In the full downdraft spray booths, any incoming air enters the spray booth via air inflows in the ceiling of the booth.

There are several benefits that area associated with the use of industrial spray booths.Take note that an industrial spray booth has the ability to get rid of any hazardous materials.Therefore, you and your workers will be safe from any fumes or chemicals.The second benefit of the industrial spray booths is that they ensure that the environment remains clean.This is because the air filters prevent any debris or dust from settling in the environment.Lastly, industrial spray booths ensure that humans are safe from explosions.This is because they prevent any overspraying and also the combination of fuel and air. This website has a lot of info. about industrial spray booth.

When you are shopping for an industrial spray booth, you will be forced to consider a variety of factors.The size of the spray booth is very important.The size of the spray booth will dictate the amount of painting you will do.Next is considering the type of spray booths.You should select a type that will satisfy your needs.Finally, it is advisable that you buy one directly from a manufacturer.

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